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Par Avian

By Par Avian

From 2004 to 2014, I ran a private mixtape collective for a group of 50 friends, all music savants.  It was a group that weathered the maturation of online music from the shadowy shores of Napster and Limewire to the gilded halls of Apple’s one-click music store.  We were a…

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Entre Nous [Placement Archives]

By Placement

Originally published – MARCH 28, 2005 A book I’ve recently started reading discusses the role of the sidewalk in relationship to neighborhood crime, or further to the point : the way that good neighborhoods patrol themselves in a way that city planning and police action cannot. When I stopped writing…

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Early Sketchbooks vol.2

By Sketches, Uncategorized

In celebration of the October meme “Inktober” – a recognition for the art of inking or inkers, falling within the illustration and comics crowd – I thought I would share some sketchbook stuff.  I have always had a preference for ink and have thought that Inktober is a nice idea. …

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