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The Catbird Seat, RPG Roulette

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New for Season Two of RPG Roulette is the Catbird Seat. Though the lifeblood of Roulette is people wagering their time to come together in the spirit of adventure, there…

RPG Roulette

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RPG Roulette is an attempt to address and resolve a bunch of issues that are inherent in tabletop rpg gaming: • Inspiring new people to run (GM, Ref, etc.) games….

TravellerCon 2017 report now ‘in print’ in Freelance Traveller

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After some follow-up at G+ on the recent Travellercon, Jeff Zeitlin of ‘Freelance Traveller’ asked me to write up a review of the event.  That’s finally out now in the…

Kubasik presents my recent Classic Traveller and Alien Legion hack

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Long-time Classic Traveller fan and deconstructivist, Christopher Kubasik has begun to host overviews of people running Traveller as a framework for setting and not an end result.  My recent Alien…