‘Transatlantic’ in Print

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I was at Dreamation the other week and it was my first opportunity to finally pick up the Fiasco playset supplement book that contains my ‘Transatlantic’.  The Bullypulpit boys did a wonderful job with the book, and the subsequent Fiasco books as well.  Happy to have this finally in my library.  IMHO, this book contains the largest collection of the most playable scenarios for Fiasco; and is virtually mandated for a swath of play.

My best to Steve and Jason.

Design document for game chef

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In anticipation of gc09, last week actually, I began thinking about what new game i’d like to think about.  A thread recently on NerdNYC asked about the merits of the Marvel Hero “The Hulk”.  The responses were studied and helped define and illuminate the character at the same time echoing that it was a relic of earlier times, no matter how much you dressed him up.  (see:

I’ve never had much particular interest in supers games, nor the Hulk character.  Yet there seems to be something there and that wanting to investigate i think will be the basis of this Game Chef for me.


delivery: 14 days

badges: possibly “Intrigue”; “Dividers”; Cerberus 3 person; Dressed to Impress award.

mechanics: easy resolutions.  some division of power but nothing too crunchy.  on par with the speed of Danger Patrol play but if possible quicker.

Use conventional dice; 10 minute set-up; death-spiral of damage to unlock scenes; players will run each others npcs in non-combat scenes.

play should have an scene structure openness in opposition the traditional model.  the game should be GMless but could consider an option for one player to take on a meta-role and effectively be the bad guy for the one-shot.  damage track will be variable and negotiable, with the outcome dictating additional chaptering (origin; secret identity; love interest; family; nemesis; enemy)

setting will be mutually generated by all players with built in consequences.

opening scene should reinforce color and introduce conflict for the endgame.  first action scene should define character interrelations and establish the endgame. intermission scene tbd. end game should consist of Mother of All Battles with damage track that unlocks additional story scenes. Endgame scene should introduce elements of next game. Epilogue scene of some sort.

dynamics: play should invoke all the traditional elements of a golden-age comic (tbd). scene structure will reward action and drama. players will have some flexibility over negotiating damage track.

aesthetics: the game should be more emotionally than intellectually stimulating.

misc: feedback.  there should be some feedback within the game to attract players to consider carrying the one-shot into an additional one-shot; but nothing designed explicitly for campaign style play; negligible mechanical advantage.

concept: pvp style mesomorph rpg.  (is megamorph TM Marvel? or is that a common concept?)

working title: Meat

Musings: what’s missing from Supes games?

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I’ve never played Marvel, which people talk volumes on both plus and minus. With Great Power was too fussy for me in play. Have sorta heard good and bad things on Capes.  So, taking a step back from the systems: what is it that a comic story delivers and what do you want to do when you sit down to a Golden-Age supers game, movie, comic book?

There are plenty of games that encroach on modern, alternative comic formats. But it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of successful ones that address “whammo”.  My interest is in specifically one-shot games (option for multi-game but not to support campaign style) in a non-traditional rpg style.

first thoughts on game chef ’09

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I’m a big fan of Jonathan’s and think he’s done a ton of work re-envisioning Game Chef.  The new tech is a bit daunting in the magnitude of opt in but once over the initial shock it seems to be a pretty good device.  I’m still running to catch up on nuances of tagging and rss.

Nay sayers. Nobody likes a nay sayer.  In my case, I’m thinking of effectively becoming one in going against theme and doing something on my own.  Themes are loosely stated as : Star; Intrigue; Fleud-de-lys; divider; sea bird.  On the surface, i imagine a rush of seafaring aged rps: Napoleonic through …?  Spacefaring for some.  There will be a bunch of people rushing to ape Danger Patrol and Kagematsu.  Some perhaps to older pillars like Vincent’s Dogs or early adopters panning in Jared’s vanity Castle publication.  Oh, and pirates.  Lots of pirates.  Vincent’s pirate game has summoned a lot of attention.

The next issue is the well of folks that will dwell on Webster’s effluvia of the themes and keys to derive the most abstract value of the words in order to “fit” the criteria of the badges.  A path to originality perhaps but bad design.

So, i don’t have it much in me to do a sea/space-faring game at the moment.  Don’t want to force myself to do it.

Jonathan has said repeatedly that it’s possible to swim with the current of Game Chef and just do your own thing.  Last week, in anticipation of GC, I came up with an idea i’d like to pursue.  I hope that i’ll get some feedback from other participants and that you’ll stick with me for the ride.  the goal is just to FINISH something.