The Catbird Seat, RPG Roulette

By March 10, 2018RPG Roulette

New for Season Two of RPG Roulette is the Catbird Seat.

Though the lifeblood of Roulette is people wagering their time to come together in the spirit of adventure, there are from time-to-time reasons to believe that there could be an exception.  Like spouses.  Or visiting friends.  Or people that want to show up and support the day but have schedule conflicts that prohibit them from prepping to run a game.  Hey, life is complicated.

If then there’s going to be a VIP seat at the table; there’s going to be a cost to it.  Hey, lunch is on you.  Literally.  Typically Roulette is two pizzas and some beer, but if you want to cook an entree and side enough to feed six people we can talk about that too.  You’ve chosen to participate in another *aspect* of Roulette.

It’s just an option.  If you don’t want to run a game, you now have the option of feeding us.  Contact your host to arrange the details.