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September 2010

Meat, checking in

By Game Chef 2009

I’ve been working offline with this still. Lack of feedback on line caused me to take development elsewhere. I’d like to revert back again.

I have tons of design questions and have killed a few darlings. For now, the Battle Flower is on hold. I haven’t found an application for it that isn’t specifically tactical and it’s not how i want the game to develop. I’m slowly building out an Origin Engine which is a tool for chargen that i hope will provide immediate color and hooks for play.

I’d like the Origin Engine to be something like a cross between set-up in Fiasco and more directly, chargen from Traveller. The OE will help color the game specifically in Silver Age comics. Having the setting and tone more pronounced before play is a good lead-in.

Still generally having a problem with pvp part of it and specifically what the shape the play will take. I understand that those are HUGE things and the meat and potatoes of game design. And that’s what’s held me up so much.