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Correspondence mechanics, a first go

By September 15, 2010September 22nd, 2010Game Chef 2010, ManofLettersManofWar

ok then. i think i’ve resolved the Correspondence challenge. at least as far as blocking. there are some mechanical lead-ins from the naval battle that i haven’t quite worked out but thankfully i’ve got enough line there to get the job done… it’s just a matter of how much gets resolved by the opening act.

from the naval battle, we transition into act 2: Correspondence. Your character is essentially powered by its relationships. [there’s got to be a joke in there somewhere? “Relationships… it’s the only kind of ship that you’ll go to sea to get away from.”] As dictated by the earlier act, you are heading into the Correspondence in one of three possible behaviors (attributes, if you will). So, it’s you vs. a loved one. The winner (established earlier i think) will make an Assertion. Either you or the other player will write something To Be True onto an index card and it will be banked in the center of the table. A third player will be Fate and Time. Fate and Time will secretly roll a d6 and that will be the maximum number of exchanges between the Sailor and the Loved One. Each 4×6 letter, written in turn, will be escalated letters driven towards the Assertion. Each of these measures will be accompanied by an xd6 roll, using the Sow Mechanics to acquire victory points in the exchange. The person with the most points at the end of the Correspondence will be the winner and will get to decide if the Assertion is true or false. A short epilogue will ensue. By diary if necessary.

Fate and Time can rear its ugly head at any time during the Correspondence and declare that the most recently received letter is the last one in the exchange and either future correspondence is lost in the mail or something has gone wrong breaking off communication. The side with the most victory points will then decide on the verity of the Assertion.

it’s a bit clunky but i like what’s there. not certain of the terminology or where i can streamline things.