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More MoL, Mow updates

Thanks to Witt, i’m going to be more agressive with the game clock. That and other changes are ramping up for version 1.2 of MoL,Mow. I’ve finished the first draft of the pre-gen scenario. And weather has been rolled into hazards.

At present, you roll for Hour, Wind Direction, Enemy and Scenario.

Mechanics wrestling: I’ve decided to refer to “flat dice” as such in the text but where i’m building tables and have dice references i’m going to use a shorthand of an italic lower case f. It works and it has flourish. tada!

Need a slight rewrite but it should be ready for a playtest at this point. so… who’s for that?

Here’s some sample pics of the peripherals. still underway…

Continuing to work on Alpha 1.2. So far, Changes have been to add a functional clock mechanism;Creating an encounter deck of sorts to mop up a lot of the Naval Skirmish generation (down to 3 or 4 rolls now); Split off Enemy information from encounter onto an Enemy Card; roughs of all graphics pressed into place. And, folded weather into Hazards.

Samples of some of the peripherals. Always under constant flux…