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Man of Letters, Man-of-War first review

Jonathan Lavallee slogged through all of the Game Chef entries (no small feat). I think i only made it through about 12. He offered up brief reviews of each entry.

Thankfully MoL,MoW comes off well and the few criticisms are on point.

He says,

51. Man-of-Letters, Man-of-War by E. Tage Larsen

The Good: This concept was made for me to love. Letter writing and high sea adventure? Layout set up so that it looks like a Victorian novel? I squealed with delight when I read the first bit.
The Bad: The game does feel like it is split in two. I’d like the sea battles to have even more influence and the correspondence to affect the dice more directly.
The Other: The fact that you get to sing a sea shanty about your character is awesome. I know more than enough people who would spend hours just doing that.

Would I Play It? The mug is full o’ grog me hearties. Let’s go feel the salty sea air on our faces!

keep on squealing with delight!!

All of that courtesy of his blog: Jon’s blog