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“Transatlantic” playset for Fiasco, first Actual Play

By January 24, 2011Fiasco

“Percy and Jackson were old friends from Eton, and dedicated drunks. Daisy was a girl that Percy had rescued from a den of iniquity in Calcutta and who was accompanying him to America. Violet was (secretly) Daisy’s sister. Daisy hadn’t really been in danger in Calcutta, but had insinuated herself into Percy’s life as an excuse to get close to a British lord who had done something ill-defined to her father. She and Violet planned to kill the lord by crushing him under a piano.”

A Mr. Kevin Mowery submitted the first Actual Play report from the Transatlantic playset that i created for Jason Morningstar’s Fiasco game. I’m so glad that people gravitate towards the piano.

I know that Transatlantic was run at Fiascon last year but Kevin’s AP is the first breakdown i’ve seen of the playset outside of my own. There were two goals i had with the playset: a) to create a period drama that had upstairs/downstairs intrigue; b) I wanted a playset that felt open and “couples” friendly. It’s good to read Mr. Mowery’s write-up holds to my specs. More details of the play at: Transatlantic Actual Play