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Transatlantic, Fiasco playset of the Month, Sept ’10

By September 1, 2010Fiasco

Fiasco is a fun, chaotic emo-ride of a game. A game plays in 3-4 hours. Part of its beauty is in its reliance on modules to create the engine that drives the rest of the game. These modules are called playsets.

Today, a playset I designed, “Transatlantic”, for Fiasco was released as the September Playset of the Month.

Jason Morningstar had this to say about the release, “This playset takes place during an oceanic voyage among the swanky set in the thirties, equal parts grimy class warfare and hot toddies on the Lido deck. There is more bent goodness here than I can adequately describe, but I think Eric’s crowning achievement is Object: Weapon: Grand Piano. I really like the way he plays with time and events to allow a night to remember…plus he did his own cover and it is beautiful.”

Here’s my intro to play setup:

At sea, mid-Atlantic, late December 1932

You are a week out of Southampton en route to New York. Your 42,000 ton vessel, Morning Star Lines’ new flagship Leviathan ploughs through these frigid waters at 29 knots. On this luxury cruiser’s maiden voyage, the Captain has been directed to quietly contend for the glorious Blue Riband—the accolade given to the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

Topside, you enjoy a salty Gibson while pulling the heavy double-wool of your coat closer to your body. Friends make merry with lively talk amongst themselves—it’s a din barely overheard above the hammering engine and thresh of the ship’s mighty propellers. Spray from the bow’s cleave manages to catch your cheek even this far aft. You smile, playing the cocktail’s onion lightly on your tongue. Your gaze draws across the dull, slate waters wondering at the marvel of it all: New beginnings? Maybe this time things will be different? Perhaps your dreams are within reach? What could possibly go wrong?