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[Meat] example of combat

By September 4, 2009Game Chef 2009

Eight foot ten inches of rippling farm boy anger, Mule pulls back his huge arm and lays into the Red Comet. His arm snaps forward with a thunderous rush – (Mule Player rolls two d6 [5,2]; knowing that the Red Comet has a damage reduction of 5, Mule needs to explode his roll and rolls 2d6 again [3,6]) – “that’s right sunshine, here comes da’ kick” – (Mule player continues to explode his attack with another 2d6 [1,3]. The Mule player is happy with his results but the roll of a 1 has halted the upwards escalation. Mules total attack is “21”. 21 is recorded as the total action.

At present the Red Comet is taking a respectable 16 points of whup-ass. He makes a defense roll of 1d6[5] and explodes it again[1] (again, a roll of 1 has stopped the upwards escalation.) Red Comet’s total defense is 6 + his Damage Reduction of 5 = 11. 16 attack – 11 defense = 5 points of damage to Red Comet.

All in all, it’s a fairly light attack. The Mule comes out ahead in the attack and narrates the results: Red Comet streaks by, twirling like a darinig pinwheel, but Mule catches him in the torso and sends the little rocket for a course correction! “Next time, I’m aiming for da’ Bleechers, little man.”

Originally, I’d wanted to modify the Pig rules that a roll of 1 would qualify as a miss. I like the risk of missing vs the dare of rolling again. I may have to modify this. Stopping on a 1 is fine. The game would move quicker if i eliminated the defensive roll, which is what the “risk of failure” would do.

Still not set on how the scale of DR will work. It may be that your PC gets a set DR or that there may be some buy-in on that. Average human would have a DR of 1, your family dog DR 0, and Galactus might have a DR of 20 or 30.