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[Meat] example of combat, redux

By September 5, 2009Game Chef 2009

Hunched over and severely beaten, Mule still looks an impressive eight foot ten inches of monstrous mass. The streets of Dayton buckle where the battle has been waging for minutes that feel like hours. The pavement is torn, windows are blown in for blocks around, and water jets out from a broken main.

Red Comet has been circling overhead to gain advantage and burns brightly to broadside Mule quickly.

Red Comet’s player rolls 2d6 [5,1]. The roll is 6 points, the 1 die is locked but the 5 die may still explode. Doubles constitute a failure. RCp must take the frozen 1, but can continue to roll the 5. He may do so again and again so long as he doesn’t roll another 1. Should he roll another 1; the 1:1 would be recorded as doubles and the attack would be a colossal miss. RCp is feeling wildly lucky and needs to put a dent into this burly beast, so he rolls [5] (he’ll add to his previous totaling 11), and a gleam in his eye as he rolls again [3]. RCp stands up quickly as his chair scoots away from the table and the player glowers a bit in the direction of Mule’s player. RCp says, “Boom! Fastball express. Here’s the pain farm boy!” RCp lets the table know he’s done with his attack, which totals 14 points. Mule-p subtracts his damage reduction (4) from the attack and adds 10 points of damage to his damage track. Red Comet’s player describes the action:

“A fiery ball of light makes a jagged arc across the sky and plummets through the wreckage of Main street, Red Comet’s fists out in front of him pump into Mule at 400mph. We hear ribs snap and a dull wheeze of a punctured lung.”

Play rotates to the player that controls the character Mathematos.

Mathematos, the smartest ape alive, clears himself from the wreckage of the Cadillac dealership. He launches through the broken glass showroom and takes advantage of a downed Mule.

Mathematos’ player rolls [5,5] and his heart sinks. “Whoah” that’s not good. “Doubles is a miss, right?” Yes.

Play continues to a new round with Mule’s character. Mule’s player says that he’s going to spend an action token and make a global attack. Into the middle he throws his chip, and his attack will be on all targets in play. Mule’s player will need to describe a successful attack on Red Comet who is currently flying and Mathematos who has slammed into some rubble.

Mule’s player rolls [5,4] – an excellent start and a good use of a token – the roll continues to explode with a second roll of [3,6]. Mule’s player keeps track of the tally, now 18 points. He rolls again [1, 4]. His total is an awesome 23 points of damage. That last 1 he rolled is now a locked die. He could continue to roll that 4 and add to his damage but when he eventually rolls another 1 he will lose the damage on both other players. Feeling vindicated, Mule’s player leans back in his chair and smiles narrating his attack,

“Nobody Hurts Mule! Monkeyman and Firebug make Mule angry!!” and with that Mule leans back and pulls out that last support column of the old Saving and Loan. The historic, five story building screams in a monumental topple. Tons of concrete rain down and bury Mathematos. And a wall of bricks swats Red Comet out of the sky sending him smoldering into the depths of the broken water main. The smoke clears and Mule has a grin from ear to ear. He throws his head back and lets out a signature bray.