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[Meat] Damage Track v1

By September 11, 2009Game Chef 2009

A little bit of art on the damage track for players to keep an eye on. The 10pnts on top will be optional buys at chargen/setgen. An option to buy 2 blocks of 5pnts for x points. This extra-man buyin sits in front of the narrative and action point rewards of the main 100pnt stat. An average round of combat should be about 10pnts. This means you undergo three, possibly two rounds of combat before combat candy is rewarded to the player. Note: the Minor scene is constructed that there shouldn’t be a pvp defeat. The Scene clock should run down before that happens, unless there’s some colossal attack that happens on the border of that. In general though, there will be a bit of a draw in the 1st scene.

Those optional buys are currently listed as “optional” which is a terrible tag. Can’t find a better term for it at the moment.

damage track art