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November 2017


Merry Cary, 2017

I celebrate the onset of the holidays every year with a long crawl through Cary Grant movies, so called The Twelve Days of Cary Grant.  There are dozens of exceptional movies to draw from and it's an opportunity to indulge in the golden age of the cinema and share a…
E. Tage Larsen
November 30, 2017

Hsia I-Fu: A Life in Ink catalog for MSFA

Last month, I had the pleasure of creating a catalog for the Hsia I-Fu retrospective running over the Fall season at M. Sutherland Fine Arts.  I never had the chance to meet Hsia but working with his intricate wonderlands over the past five years has been very rewarding.  It was…
E. Tage Larsen
November 11, 2017