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Hsia I-Fu: A Life in Ink catalog for MSFA

Last month, I had the pleasure of creating a catalog for the Hsia I-Fu retrospective running over the Fall season at M. Sutherland Fine Arts.  I never had the chance to meet Hsia but working with his intricate wonderlands over the past five years has been very rewarding.  It was…
E. Tage Larsen
November 11, 2017

Unfinished, at the Met Breuer

The "Unfinished" exhibition at the Met Breuer is truly a magnificent collection of paintings. I say that with some care as it's debatable whether or not the exhibition is great on its own or as a group of orphaned works spanning eras and demographics held together only by the academic…
E. Tage Larsen
April 24, 2016

Exhibition Catalog, “Hai Tao: New Paintings”

Here are some layout samples of the Hai Tao painting catalog I put together last Spring for M. Sutherland Fine Art.  In total, it was a 42 page catalog with full plate illustrations and details, plus an essay from Martha Sutherland. I'm very pleased with the way the book came…
E. Tage Larsen
August 23, 2014

Meer, sky and water

I went out and went after sky and water studies in watercolor after finding those things to be the least convincing in my first outing.  Here are a selection of attempts. It's an interesting problem trying to figure out how to deal with water.  Watercolor is going to require a…
E. Tage Larsen
May 16, 2014

Frieze 2014, best of show

the Frieze 2014 NYC art fair was nearly as strong as its predecessors.  Always a lot to to take away.  A few quibbles.  But still easily the best art fair in New York. Here are my take-away paintings and sculptures... The Breeder Gallery in Athens, Greece had two strong showings…
E. Tage Larsen
May 10, 2014

First Watercolor at the Meer

I've been threatening to make the conversion over to color sketches for some time.  This is the first real watercolor sketch from the meer, of the (now familiar) copse on the southern shore.  It's clearly emulating the vernacular of the ink washes.  And it should. Nice first step.  Definitely need…
E. Tage Larsen
May 3, 2014

Copse, Spring abstractions

A nice bout of weather saw me in with all my gear at the meer today for a few hours.  Continuing to drill into the copse of trees on the southern shore and work on complexity and abstraction. i'm using a combination of wash and ink work.  And in two…
E. Tage Larsen
April 22, 2014