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First Watercolor at the Meer

By May 3, 2014November 3rd, 2021Sketches

I’ve been threatening to make the conversion over to color sketches for some time.  This is the first real watercolor sketch from the meer, of the (now familiar) copse on the southern shore.  It’s clearly emulating the vernacular of the ink washes.  And it should. Nice first step.  Definitely need to work on value going forward.  Right now, there are maybe two shades plus white.  It’s a missed opportunity, particularly in the foreground water.  The water as it is here is a fix-it job, having scrubbed out an earlier attempt.  An issue is trying to get enough paint out of the travel box with half-pan palette pieces.  It may actually be too small for what i’m trying to do. Much more successful than I’d anticipated. (fingers crossed). 140502-CP-copse

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