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Autumn Updates

By Sketches, Studies
Quick check in with some drawings from last week... Went at the Meer with an actual brush and some Dr. Martin's Black Star ink.  Both of these pieces were on a toothy cold-press card.  Both images are of the Copse on the Southern shore.  In the second one you can…
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Harlem Meer, 11.18.12

By Sketches
A couple of days worth of drawing.  One bitter cold; one unseasonably warm.  The drawing is getting good enough and copious enough that i now have to stop posting the terrible work and just selectively update.  Trust me that we both win in this. A selection spanning three days.  The…
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Compositional studies: Chardin mid-late

By Studies
  Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin took a fifteen year hiatus from still lifes.  instead doing mostly domestic genre works, many that he is famous now for.  his return to still life would be concurrent with a royal pension and residency at the Louvre.  access to far wealthier objet d'art would change the…
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