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Autumn Updates

By October 18, 2013Sketches, Studies

Quick check in with some drawings from last week…

Went at the Meer with an actual brush and some Dr. Martin’s Black Star ink.  Both of these pieces were on a toothy cold-press card.  Both images are of the Copse on the Southern shore.  In the second one you can see that I’ve added a large flat brush.  And both have penbrush on top of them for detail.

I really like the level of abstraction.  Each of these was approched as a drawing and not as a study.  As such, i think i’m going to need to revisit materials or approach in the future because the paper stock doesn’t take flooded washes well.  Which creates problems in your neutral light grays.

On the plus side, this resolves the drawing like i paint discussion.  Unless you argue that the dipped brush drawings are more paintings.  And I think it was Sargent that said, All painting is drawing.  Hmm, guess I’ve solved nothing.  The debate rages on.



And then late last week I went to Jackie Robinson park just a few blocks away from me.  It has until recently escaped my ability to draw it.  But I’ve found a way around that and enjoy the hillside next to the band shell.  It has the great benefit of being close which means no commuting time or expense also.

About three or four months ago, I hit a new stride in the landscape work.  This tree drawing I think is the next plateau.  It’s one of a few drawings in the sketchbook that i wish i could rip out and put on the fridge.



I’ve come a long way this past year.

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