Chatting with my peeps over at the Sketching Forum and i came up with an alternate solution to my small portable Winsor Newton 1/2 pan traveling watercolor set. Combing through ebay turned up a lot of student watercolor sets that were perfectly viable, save for the junk paint.  So I picked…
E. Tage Larsen
May 31, 2014

Meer, sky and water

I went out and went after sky and water studies in watercolor after finding those things to be the least convincing in my first outing.  Here are a selection of attempts. It's an interesting problem trying to figure out how to deal with water.  Watercolor is going to require a…
E. Tage Larsen
May 16, 2014

First Watercolor at the Meer

I've been threatening to make the conversion over to color sketches for some time.  This is the first real watercolor sketch from the meer, of the (now familiar) copse on the southern shore.  It's clearly emulating the vernacular of the ink washes.  And it should. Nice first step.  Definitely need…
E. Tage Larsen
May 3, 2014