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Chatting with my peeps over at the Sketching Forum and i came up with an alternate solution to my small portable Winsor Newton 1/2 pan traveling watercolor set.

Combing through ebay turned up a lot of student watercolor sets that were perfectly viable, save for the junk paint.  So I picked a lightweight “professional” Prang double case of 16 wells.  It and a few new paints arrived this week and I set forth creating my new travel watercolor set.



First you have to get rid of whatever that paint is already in the trays.  This was a pic i took using an Xacto Knife and leverage method.  That seemed at the time wholly unsafe and stupid.  That is until i sliced up my finger about three minutes later when I confirmed how dumb that was.  Instead, turning on the hot water and letting it cascade over the wells for ten minutes proved to be far less dangerous to all.


image 3

With new paints, below, set into the case.  I’m now armed for adventure.  Two of the paints i’d wanted to use were not in a usable form in their tube and that’s why two of the wells are empty.  I’m going to rock this for a while and see if my demand confirms particular hues.


currently, left row: wn green gold; wn cadmium green deep; wn perylene green; wn cerulean blue; wn cobalt blue; qor ultramarine violet*.

right row: wn burnt sienna; wn burnt umber; qor nickel azo yellow; wn cadmium yellow light; wn cadmium yellow deep; wn cadmium red deep; blick permanent alizarin; wn perylene maroon

*Qor [core] are a new w/c by Golden using a synthetic binder.  There’s a bit of buzz about them but no real longterm feedback, so i’m trying two tubes.  Of note is supposed to be their lack of granularity and drying to a truer color.  We’ll see.  snake oil will out.

image 2

Let’s get to it!

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