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Meer, sky and water

By May 16, 2014November 3rd, 2021Sketches, Studies

I went out and went after sky and water studies in watercolor after finding those things to be the least convincing in my first outing.  Here are a selection of attempts.

It’s an interesting problem trying to figure out how to deal with water.  Watercolor is going to require a new set of lies and attacks, because i don’t find minimalism and subtlety to be its inherent strengths.  For me that means a herculean adjustment towards using color in a way different from window dressing.


150512-CP-MeerWaterSky2e 140512-CP-MeerWaterSky3e

not bad atmospheric throughout.  a terrible shortage of value again.  and unfortunately monochromatic.  well “analogous” colors; being a mash of blues and greens.  Whereas i was more daring in the comps the first time out.  Still an issue of palette size and range.  Still suffering all of the above, this last has what ventures towards being a complete composition towards what could be a finished watercolor.  Nice progress.150512-CP-MeerWaterSky1eI get lost chasing the pond scum at the Meer over and over.  Heh.

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