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In celebration of the October meme “Inktober” – a recognition for the art of inking or inkers, falling within the illustration and comics crowd – I thought I would share some sketchbook stuff. I have always had a preference for ink and have thought that Inktober is a nice idea.

Part 4 covers 2012 through 2016. A period of consistent pursuit of landscape artwork and plein air studies. I’ve made the northeastern corner of Central Park and sort of second home: Harlem Meer.  Addressing classical genre studies of both still life and landscape, the content can often appear to be repetitious but in that familiarity comes a greater opportunity to develop difference in tone and aspect.  A major shift for me here is that you are designing and resolving an image of multiple objects.  Solving a thing in harmony to an environment rather than solving it for itself.

I’ve always sketched in ink. The present set-up requires: a Uniball micro black, Kuratake 40 penbrush with Carbon ink adaptor, Pentel waterbrush, and a number of different flat and round watercolor brushes and black well inks.

The examples here are in chronological order. Some detailed notes about the drawings when you mouseover the thumbnail images.

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