Unfinished, at the Met Breuer

By April 24, 2016Exhibitions
"Portrait of Mariana de Silva" 1775

The “Unfinished” exhibition at the Met Breuer is truly a magnificent collection of paintings.

I say that with some care as it’s debatable whether or not the exhibition is great on its own or as a group of orphaned works spanning eras and demographics held together only by the academic conceit that these works are extraordinary despite never having been completed.  Which is a somewhat clinical and post-modern conceit.  In anyone else’s hands other than the Met this show would could easily despair but instead… hurry yourself to their new Breuer building for a sumptuous collection of works that you likely will never see again.

Showing the process and progress in works by the greatest talents of the Western canon only serve to foment the mystery.  “Unfinished” is breathtaking.

E. Tage Larsen

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