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Below is this year’s round up from Freize New York art fair.  You will find the culture scene choked with “best ofs” on the New York fairs this week.  My bias on art fairs continues to fall on what i like in painting – as the years move on it has developed to where the dialog is at present.  I consistently find myself drawn to Belgian, Israeli and Asian influences in Western dialog.  You could say that is underscored by my professional forays into international contemporary art but it’s been long noted that my aesthetic preference skews towards minimal, analogous colors, evident material, human and beautiful.  There will be examples that fall outside that criteria.  I’m a complicated animal.

I’ve supplied what notes I could, but my notes got corrupted in transfer to my laptop so please forgive where notes are thin.





Lee Ufan, diptych, Gallery Hyundai


Yan Pei Ming


Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

A6 Toke Nitogawa, Tokyo

A6 Toke Nitogawa, Tokyo


Lee Ufan, Gallery Hyundai

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