Trans Am 2016 Race, day 4

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The Trans American Bike Race (TABR) launched on Saturday morning, June 4th.  From Oregon to Virginia, the Trans Am is the hardest unsupported road race in the US.  At 4400 miles, it’s twice as long as the Tour de France.

Day 4: Sarah *the Aussassin* Hammond rode through the night to retake the lead, she was the first over White Bird and first through Lolo Pass.  Top men riders are stopping for 6.5 hours a night while both Sarah and Lael are riding with about half of that in their tanks per day.  How long can that last? Hammond and Streich spent most of the day.  A day with over 7,000 feet of climbing for our leaders. Thankfully, the temperatures in Montanna will be more welcoming to the riders.

The 10 places behind still seem fairly hotly contested.  A few small variables could still shake all this up fairly quickly.  Had Streich opted for a 6 or 5.5 hour rest program he’d currently be comfortably 50 miles out in front of the rest of the field and continuing to add another 25miles on the field per day.  Fun fact: Sarah Hammond’s total sleep to this point is about the same as one of Streich’s breaks.

5th place rider Lee Fancourt uploaded a video to Facebook talking about box of hurt he’s been in from all the heat, where he also introduces me to the phrase “spank the crank”.  Fancourt is still hopeful that adding a few miles a day to his goals that he can still pull off a victory, clawing his way back to the top.  2 minute clip

The ‘No Gloves’ look seems to be a trending thing.  Also, I noticed two helmetless riders at the OR start.

*Aside: In addition to inhuman endurance, Hammond is rocking an 11×32 cassette.  Do we know what gearing other riders are on?  I’d noticed a number of people from ’14 and ’15 riding 11x28s which seems a bit TdF-y.  But what do i know?

**Bonus: The Aussies are “losing their shit” over the Hammond lead.  You can enjoy their excitement at Sarah’s support page. last year’s winner, Jesse Carlsson, does a great breakdown on Monday at 7am.

For additional information about the Trans Am race visit them at: Trans Am site

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