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Trans Am 2016 Race, day 7

By June 11, 2016Cycling

The Trans American Bike Race (TABR) launched on Saturday morning, June 4th.  From Oregon to Virginia, the Trans Am is the hardest unsupported road race in the US.  At 4400 miles, it’s twice as long as the Tour de France.

Day 7 Trans Am Race Report – With one week in the bag, It’s still a familiar battle between our top two.  That said, the tide might be turning.  Sarah Hammond has put in a stellar fight but Streich’s numbers are just a bit better, sorry TransHamsters. To cope with this Sarah has pushed out her sleeping schedule from an already minimal 3.5/4 hours a day to now riding 22 hours before taking the same rest, effectively reducing her daily breaks by making her day longer, as a strategy to reduce Streich’s lead.  How much deeper can she feasibly go?  Steffan Streich on his end has brought his overnight resting down from 7 hours to 5 hours. To my surprise, Sarah has once again closed on Steffan today but he’s taken about 1h worth of breaks during the day and it looks like he might be off the bike for sleep now.  There are still a few more miles to go in this race, but I’d be surprised to not see a definitive gap in the next 48 hours.

Out front, it was dry and mid 80s uphill and into a 16mph cross/headwind out of the West-SouthWest.  However, if you’re still crossing through Montana though… god help you.  Strong winds and weather.  Ride faster, Trammies.

Third place remains at a bit of a draw as riders Lael Wilcox and Evan Deutsch have cozied up to each other.  Kai Edel is never far away.  But the merry trio seems to have called a truce, well… at least in respect to the fireworks going off out front.  They sit in a pocket about 100 miles behind Sarah and 70 miles in front of 6th place Bo Dudley.  Dudley is in no-man’s-land about 50 miles out front of the rest of the Top 10 group.  He may be working on bridging to the Third Place group, he’s already taken back 30 miles on them today.  It would be good to see someone rattle the parity in the groupings and I’m keeping a close eye on Dudley over the next few days.

GOOD NEWS: Jodi Ashley’s bike has finally turned up, delivered by a remorseless Greyhound leaving her still missing her gear box.  But at least there’s some progress.  Lee Fancourt reports in that he’s continuing to mend, and in good spirits, after a 36 hour rest he’s in 17th place.

Points leader for the coveted Audubon Jersey remain the same today with Jason Marshall in an early lead. Ride Boss Nathan Jones isn’t eligible for the competition, however his Teton pics from yesterday’s ride are pretty great:

Question of the Day: What frame and wheel set is Lael riding?


For additional information about the Trans Am race visit them at: Trans Am site

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