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The Trans American Bike Race (TABR) launched on Saturday morning, June 4th.  From Oregon to Virginia, the Trans Am is the hardest unsupported road race in the US.  At 4400 miles, it’s twice as long as the Tour de France.

Day 13 Trans Am Race Report:  

If there’s one thing this armchair cyclist pretends to know… it’s that we will know the winner of the Trans Am Bike Race 2016 within a week’s time.

Weather was an issue for everyone in the Top 10 last night. The last 24 hours have been all about getting in and out of Newton, KS ahead of your rivals or getting trapped indoors as a monster storm came on and flooded out the area fairly well. If you weren’t out of Newton by 8pm or so CST… the roads were flooded out and power lines were down. Streich was the first to leave, pursued by Evan and Lael after a regular break for them. Kai Edel would follow, only to be hammered by hazardous storms until he sought protection along the road at an old farmhouse. Sarah Hammond and westerly Jason Marshall would mostly hunker down overnight at Newton Bike Shop and take advantage of the forced time off the bike.

Today, was another for high heat, heavy humidity and hanging clouds. It looks like more weather tonight for our heroes. A light tailwind is likely to be of little comfort, cruising through triple digit heat. Late afternoon and Sarah Hammond was in the path of crosswinds and hail warnings. Another angry rain cell seems to be gathering in the path of the leaders. Opportunity is said to favor the bold. Streich may be able to get in front of it before it gets too bad but if we’re in for a repeat of yesterday, Evan and Lael may not be as lucky.

In the past 48 hours, Deutsch’s average cruising speed has gone up about 8% while Streich’s has remained the same. Last night they threw Streich off his game as he scrambled out of Newton to maintain a lead. In the past 24 hours, Laevan has reduced the gap to Streich from 95 miles to 85 miles while riding a familiar race to them. Streich had maybe 2.5 hours of sleep. Placing him out of his comfort zone. Making things… uncertain. If Lael and Evan can continue to pursue him like this he will crack in the next 48 hours. Frankly, they are lucky that they got out of Newton before the rains shut everything down or this race would be over and Steffen could coast to victory.

Janie Hayes and Max Fancoli have had a strong day and climbed a spot relative to 24 hours ago.

MEDIA COVERAGE: The TransHamsters went live again this morning. You can check her fan page for an archive of the 40 minute broadcast. The official TABR media car did a strong showing of Missouri photos if you check the Trans Am page or their coverage on Instagram.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: The Ken Bathurst defense regarding his decision for trespassing on laundry room at a mountain hotel for a few hours of stealth sleeping, “Well, there was big sign on the road flashing ‘Bears on roadway’ and i was traveling maybe 3mph with candy bars stuffed in my jersey pockets. so…” The inner workings of a young criminal mind.

AUDUBON JERSEY Leader Board: Marshall adds two points today but the Laura Scott entry might be the Queen Photo of this year’s race!

Jason Marshall – 8 points
Laura Scott – 7 points
Wayne Kurtz – 2 point
Joseph Boquiren – 1 point
Ilaria Corli – 1 point
Andi Buchs – 1 point


(c) Laura Scott

(c) Laura Scott

(c) Jason Marshall

(c) Jason Marshall

(c) Jason Marshall

(c) Jason Marshall

For additional information about the Trans American Bike Race, you can find them online at: site.  Or on Facebook.

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