Trans Am 2016 Race, Day 17

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The Trans American Bike Race (TABR) launched on Saturday morning, June 4th.  From Oregon to Virginia, the Trans Am is the hardest unsupported road race in the US.  At 4400 miles, it’s twice as long as the Tour de France.

Day 17 Trans Am Race Report:

There are dogs nipping in Kentucky, but it’s not strays upon the path.  The relentless pursuit of Evan and Lael on Steffen Streich as a madcap dash has been waged for the past 24 hours.  No sooner had we published last night’s report than the deafening warble of dottrackers confirmed a difference between Evan and Lael on the road.  The 1,000 mile partnership is now renounced at the doorstep of Streich.  It is at last every man for himself.  And woman.

Through the night they bore down upon Streich to within a couple of miles before Stefffen was flushed out and off peddling into the dark.  First Deutsch would go down, resting in Hazard, where too Streich had slept; and then Lael 10 miles further.  But both up five hours later and chasing Streich. One can’t help but wonder is it better or worse having two individuals pursue you each with different cadence and proclivity; rather than a convoy firing in unison and weighed down by averaging?

Fourth place racer Kai Edel is locked pretty well into his position, insulated on either side by over a hundred miles.  Something would have to go seriously wrong to jeopardize his standing.  However, Benjamin Colwill continues his siege on Sarah Hammond, gaining another 60 miles today, and will certainly slot into Fifth place, overtaking Hammond by early tomorrow.  She is riding well and holding relative to the rest of the Top 10 which leads me to believe that Benjamin Colwill is just on a tear to finish in the Top 5.

Lastly, Jay Petervary is hammering for a possible finish in the Top 10, where the tenth spot currently belongs to Bo Dudley.  Petervary has already made up 25 miles on Dudley for the day.  He will need to cover the remaining 70 miles in less than three days.  I think he can do it.

Once again, the evening has stamped itself on the sky and surely Streich is ready to go down for another rest – perhaps his last.  Heading into Virginia, Streich carries a fifty mile lead on Wilcox and a hundred miles on Deutsch.  Likely eroded by morning.  It’s going to be a race all of the way to the line, which is truly a gift.  A little over 400 miles to go, and that I dare say deserves some frothing!

MEDIA: Not TABR specific, but on Newton Bike Shop is expecting Juliana Buhring will be showing up on the ustream feed at some point tomorrow.


AUDUBON JERSEY Leader Board: Big day for Jason Marshall.  He may take this thing.

Jason Marshall – 12 points

Laura Scott – 11 points   

Wayne Kurtz – 2 point

Andi Buchs – 2 point

Ilaria Corli – 2 point

Joseph Boquiren – 1 point

(c) Laura Scott

(c) Laura Scott

(c)Ilaria Corli

(c)Ilaria Corli

(c)Jason Marshall

(c)Jason Marshall

(c) Jason Marshall

(c) Jason Marshall

(c) Jason Marshall

(c) Jason Marshall

For additional information about the Trans American Bike Race, you can find them online at: site.  Or on Facebook.

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