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I’ve been wanting to have some place to promote my father’s writing and have finally gotten around to adding a page here for it, under the menu at: Robert M. Larsen.  My father was an absurdist, a tactician and incredibly sharp.  His work was romantic and he idolized the Moderns (Pound etc.) and endeavored towards a Great American Novel of his own, but leaving behind a body of work that is peppered with classical philosophy and Game Theory allusions.

Hope to add to this in the coming weeks.  For now, there’s an article on the page for a published selections that Garrett Kallenberg and I put together for a publication in 1999 as well as a review of sorts done by Kent Johnson for Jacket Magazine, also 1999.

E. Tage Larsen

E. Tage Larsen is an artist, designer and dog robber. You may encounter him as an art gallery director, branding designer or illustrator. His work has received awards from "Society of Illustrators", "American Illustration", 'Print' magazine annual as well as the LogoLounge and LogoLounge 'Master Series' annuals. Essays on design and fine art have appeared in numerous magazines and web sites.

Among his less savory qualities, he's a poor sport, a sore loser and ill fitted for honest labor. He makes bad friends and worse decisions. Animals avoid him and children despise him. He's been known to drink to excess, carry on with seditious talk and leer at women. He's a coward, a card cheat and a known liar.

Mrs. Call's second grade class said perhaps all that needed to be said about Larsen.In a moment of vindication and possibly clarity, Call would add to Larsen's permanent record that he was a bit of a dreamer and that Larsen was "an excellent student but his grades trailed off in the final semester."True, Larsen was filled with promise and saddled as starry-eyed but one can't help but notice that Call's inability to chisel this raffish diamond-in-rough wasn't also a clerical trick to distance herself from the responsibility of the 'Nurture' debate.She also said he was "prompt".She wasn't wrong.

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