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From 2004 to 2014, I ran a private mixtape collective for a group of 50 friends, all music savants.  It was a group that weathered the maturation of online music from the shadowy shores of Napster and Limewire to the gilded halls of Apple’s one-click music store.  We were a ragtag group of collectors that still owned vinyl–I hear tell some of the ancients even remember a long forgotten place between the waves called “AM”.  Par Avian was place were crates of vinyl were adorned by magnetic tape tinsel and crowned by an 8-bit silver star.  A sort-of roundish silver star.  Not…  um, not very star shaped, actually.  More like a wheel.  A festive wheel.

In an effort to archive and recognize the great effort of all involved, I’ve managed to get about 10% of the project online for your entertainment.  Selections were made by me or where it allowed by some of the mix authors.  If this roll-out goes well, I hope to be able to bring you expansions to the archive in the future.

You can download or play the mixes either on SoundCloud, as zipped collections of tracks or as block mp3 mixes on Par Avian’s archive page:  Par Avian

Hope you enjoy!


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