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We recently lost one of our own.  Dave (Ajax “manmuffin” Telkhines) Lee passed away in January.  I didn’t know him as well as I would have wished but he was hard not to like.  He had the type of presence that filled up a room warmly.  And he was friends with more than a couple of you.  Sometimes you meet friends of friends and you wonder if there’ll be a spark.  You never had to wonder with Ajax.  The man is gone but his spark continues on.
Deep into the second half of the PA run he contacted me about making a mix.  He said how much he liked the collective and how much he liked all your music.
You see, he liked the music and he liked you.  I’ve added his mix to the PA archives.  You can download a zipped file there which also contains a txt file you can import to give you proper track ordering.
You don’t have to like the songs.  But you should like the music.  Because the music takes you to the man.  Thank you, Ajax.  Turning it up to 11 for you tonight.
Par Avian was just a mix tape; you were the sound.
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