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Quick November trip down to ESVA. Going back again soon so this will be short and sweet.
Bad morning. Deluge in New York left me drenched except for the Artcteryx shell. but the PI leggings were damp. Not fun in the low 40s. Add to that the early train meant up at 130 for the 320 train. Won’t be doing that again. More rain in Wilmington but got some coffee at the 5mi Wawa and then by the time I hit the bridge the rain had quit and the gloom sat. Drivetrain gummed up and i should have irrigated and oiled right then and there but forgot to reup my oil. Rear Disc was warped from something and didn’t have a tool to true that too. Spent a long while wrestling with that. All in I sort of just lumped my way forward not terribly fast. Got better by midday. And I got a bail out at 120mi in Pokomoke. Some mistakes there.

Return was about ten days later. Did a 1x 35mi swamp loop in there which was a good idea to shake the legs out. Need to up that, nice little route. Came home and the cold had really settled in. It was high 30s low 40s at Acc but when I crossed over Lankford to the leeward side of Delmarva it dropped to 32-34 air temp and was feeling colder in the shadow in the wet. Out at 5am and I just wanted to crawl into the gutter and let Mother Cold wrap her sleepy arms around me until I got to Wawa at Salisbury. Got to the high 30s and Sunny and it was navigable from that point forward. The big gloves weren’t all that warm for their bulk and it was a nightmare to work music and get the gloves back on. Maybe lobsters? Definitely need to get my feed and drink down better.

Traveling with extra liquid is a good idea but it doesn’t work with my current bag set up. It would only work with addl mounts or a backpack. Food items should be prepped and pre-openned for the future. I’ve been overpacking on food too. Think i have that down now.

Ride back all in was long and very hard. 175mi. Last 50 was crawling through the night in the byways until the end. Got to Wilm about 45min prior to train which worked well.

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