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Harlem Meer, 09.30.12

By October 1, 2012November 3rd, 2021Sketches

Harlem Meer on a typical autumn day.  Blue skies and warm with sudden chances for clouds and a civilized rain.  Rather than overloading this blog with too-frequent posts, i’m going to pare back after today.  Show landmarks and issues rather than a wave of show-n-tell.

Today I got a small group of sketches knocked out before the rains came in for good.  Near the South Point of the meer is a slight overlook viewing the “oak” (?) that stretches out at the point.  I’d threatened before to do a more significant study of this tree.  It’s a big change from the other works.  This is the most i’ve had to deal with the issue of trunk or of highlighting on particular tree.  The more of these i do the more i learn how terrible i am with them.  There’s so much more to learn.  Of note: i’m not doing a particularly good job of indicating the wall of algae that has taken over most of the lake from this view.

Here’s another view of the Southern Point.  Seen from my spot on the north.  A light sprinkle came down which is why the teardrops make an appearance.  Lots of value issues.  Successful only in so far as it’s compositionally interesting.  It’s the same tree as above.

Perhaps i should mention that after months of trying to rehab my Noodler’s Ink AHAB flex pen, i managed to get it loaded with a brown ink and not explode en route to my destination.  So the underdrawing here is in a brown tone.

And lastly you’ll recognize the island.  Coming in with the heavy-handed shading on the background was a mistake here.  This image was an exercise solely in trying to communicate the complexity of the underbrush at the waterline.  There’s some good work in there.

I’m going to have to figure out what i want to do with the  island because making it small is too easy to accomplish and it’s not doing it any favors.  In my mind it has a Bocklin like magnificence.  A place just out of reach filled with mystery and a wildness.  Love that little hunk of land!

A funny follow-up.  So i got rained out when i was working on the large tree drawing from the Southern Point.  Ran for the bus and took the 4 to Harlem Public.  Sat down and had a BP Rye, some popcorn and talked with Laurie and Jay a bit.  The place was loaded as i guess it always is now.  And i pulled out my materials and wanted to touch up the tree drawing.  First Laurie asked to look at the sketchbook.  Then somebody across the bar.  The dude next to me congratulated me and showed me his tree tattoo.  And the hot chick and her entourage introduced themselves and she talked about going to art school and doing prisma work.  Granted Harlem Public is a bit of a hipster bar; but it’s mostly a sports bar.  Lots of love for the sketchbook at a sports bar.  Total win.  I love those guys.  Laurie even encouraged me to come back and draw the bar.  She’s a good egg.

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