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Harlem Meer, 10.13.12

By October 13, 2012November 3rd, 2021Sketches

Inching forward with some style changes.  Adding more wash and playing with that.  Here’s three drawings from a couple of days this week.  The last two from today when Denning and I went out for a brisk Autumnal morning and promptly sat in the shade for two hours.  Well, that drawing went poorly.  AND, none of my pens wanted to work in the temperature.  It was just a mess.  At about noon we rotated around to the North Shore of the Meer.  It’s the default view of the Island that you normally see.  The first one is from earlier in the week, already posted on FB but here it is here for the first time.


The first drawing after the thaw was the island again.  Something familiar and kind to get back into stride…

Finally, i came back to the Bad Tree.  The Bete Noir of the pond.  Both Denning and I cursed it.  Huge and complicated with a gorgeous overhang.  It’s the stuff of legend.  So many bad drawings of this today, of which this i no exception.  It’s just a note of disgrace to see where i go the next time around.  They say something about failure being important, right?  🙂


There you have it.  A bad tree drawn… badly? And two shots at the Island that show me continuing to loosen up.

The park is just beginning to hint at color.  It’ll be interesting to see what the coming weeks bring in quick succession.


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