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Harlem Meer, 10.27.12

By October 28, 2012November 3rd, 2021Sketches

The world is in … Tumult?  A still in the air as the humidity rises and a Low pressure system holds the tri-state hostage in anticipation of the Frankenstorm approaching on Monday.  So, unseasonably warm Autumn weather.  Gray skies.  Flat lighting.  The trees continue their fiery march as green burns itself out of the leaves.

First up is an Island drawing from mid-week. Great island detail.  All of which is ruined by the way i resolved the background.  Not happy.  Plus, I had this great push/pull thing going with the island shadow and dark water in the foreground that got ruined when my inky paw slammed down on the page.  I had to go in and “fix” it.  Poetry lost.

Today they were draining the lake.  I noticed that it was low, but as Denning and i were sitting there sketching, I noticed the geese getting agitated and that more landmass seemed to visible.  I sort of stalled out after the waterline observance and my continued interest in the ground foliage on the island.

Shifted my focus to some trees on the west bank.  Got in this detail before Denning and i relocated…

We moved next to the Conservation house which is on the north shore.  I think it used to be the boat house twenty years ago.  This is a popular fishing spot for parents and usually too crowded to sketch unmolested.  As the weather was iffy today, the park was sort of vacant.  Denning and i sat on the water’s edge and spend the rest of the afternoon here.  First up, continued tree studies with a tall slender pair of ? with willowy foliage.  Nice sort of impossible object to sketch.  Love the way this turned out.  Felt like i was in the pocket on this.

Finally a small overhang on the southern shore.  decided to try to bunch my tones and to pull cross-hatching back in as a trial.  It might not help the drawing but i had a blast doing it.  I could have worked on this all afternoon.  As is, maybe a 30-40 min sketch.  Thunder threatened.  During this drawing, we were briefly interrupted by a landscape architect that chatted us up a bit.  Well, she chatted up Denning.  I was dead to her.  Anyway, I like this drawing a lot.  Good lost edges and that planar thing that i like to do in oil paints shows up here.  It’s a sort of comfort that is coming out more and more.  Hard to explain.  It’s like i’m manifesting again.  And of course the ink wash came out wonderfully.

Racing the clock on the last of autumn.  Enjoying every minute.

E. Tage Larsen
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