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December 2012



I finished my first painting in... oh, let's say: a number of years. It was gifted to my biggest supporters, Gary and Kathy for their tireless faith and love.  I couldn't have gotten back on the horse without you.   Thank you for not giving up on me. The painting…
E. Tage Larsen
December 29, 2012

Par Avian 100 is live!

Four mixes; 100 Tracks - Par Avian 100!  Just as the Mayans predicted. In 2004, I started an audio trading game with friends.  Make a "mix-tape" about an hour long with a theme.  The list could only be 50 people long.  If you made a mix you got to nominate…
E. Tage Larsen
December 12, 2012

Par Avian 100 is coming

A music project that I've worked on with friends for the past decade is celebrating its 100th mix tape in the coming days.  Stay tuned for more information soon.  Par Avian 100 - 4 mixes, 100 tracks.  It is epic.  Nearly 8 hours of carefully considered airplay.  So, whatcha doin'…
E. Tage Larsen
December 8, 2012

Meer and Far, 12.03.12

Second Autumn has found its way to New York with a near 60 degree day or two.  I'm getting over a cold but found the willpower to hasten my way down to the meer after a few weeks "off"*. Kathleen gave me a bunch of cold-press single sheets and i've…
E. Tage Larsen
December 4, 2012