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Par Avian 100 is live!

By December 12, 2012November 3rd, 2021Uncategorized

Four mixes; 100 Tracks – Par Avian 100!  Just as the Mayans predicted.

In 2004, I started an audio trading game with friends.  Make a “mix-tape” about an hour long with a theme.  The list could only be 50 people long.  If you made a mix you got to nominate some of your friends and you were moved to the top of the list.  If you sat on the fence you were weeded out.  The goal was to find 50 people that felt strongly enough about music to give back.   It has been a wild ride.  Finally though, we are winding down here as the advent of digital music has not only become the norm but the majority.  When this program began, there was no App Store.  And it worked, until that damned itunes music store came along and then pandora and   There are now a number of easy ways to share audio with your friends.  It’s time to put Par Avian to rest.  In the meantime, forward these links to all of your friends and share.  Share the music, share the holiday, and share the love.

Originally, we were limited to 50 people because of storage and bandwidth concerns.  For this penultimate edition, a kindly benefactor has stepped forward, and our days of storage concerns are long in the past.  So, instead of 49 other people, for the 100th album we open the gates to 49 million.  For the 100th release I’ve asked the four top contributors to Par Avian to return (myself, Levi “Tuffy” Elder, Cosmo Jones, and Lorenzo “Dutch” Ciacci) and to each make a mix of 25 tracks each.  100 tracks for the 100th release, which will net you about 6.5 hours of awesome music.  Mixed by people who really really care about music.  Favorite tracks/greatest hits/etc.  The mandate was the blow the roof off.  I hope you enjoy.

It’s been my privilege to run this project.  PA100 will be the penultimate release.  The final mix will be a goodbye mix from me.  Expect it some time in early 2013.  If you’re not on our regular mailing list, keep an eye for it here in the coming months.

Happy 12.12.12.


[All Mixes now housed at Mixcloud.  Find additional information under the Par Avian tab here.]
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