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Par Avian 101, The End

By October 25, 2013Uncategorized

Welcome to the end of the line.  This week I released the final installment in a 10-year long mixtape project: Par Avian 101 – Return to Sender.

I close the books on Par Avian with this massive 2 1/2 hour mix that took 2 1/2 years to make. My masterpiece, Magnum opus, my Galatea and Titanic.  Parts of the mix have been planned for years.  And about 50% of it was cobbled together over the past year.  At times it has been two or three times longer.  Because the theme is “end-ing” it had a penchant to run towards morose.  Those were the first things to be pared back.  Including perhaps the saddest Beck cover ever made.  You will find within an audible story, with a lilting and eclectic narrative and thematic runs.  I hope you will enjoy the juxtapositions and segues.  But at the end of it all, I hope you enjoy the mix.  Download link, below.

What was Par Avian?  In 2004, I started an audio trading game with friends.  When this program began, there was no App Store. The goal was to make a mix about an hour long with a theme.  The list could only be 50 people long, because of bandwidth issues.  If you made a mix you got to nominate some of your friends and you were moved to the top of the list.  If you sat on the fence you were weeded out.  The goal was to find 50 people that felt strongly enough about music to give back.  And it roared along at a good clip.

Bye-bye, miss american pie.  And thanks to all the people that helped to make this project such a joy for so long.




Download at:


(*342mb. link should be valid for three weeks.)

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