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Chasing Complexity

By April 19, 2014November 3rd, 2021Sketches

A quick cold bounce down into the 40s again today made for a short trip to the Meer.  Sitting in the cold is not welcoming to wet media, so i took a step back to brushpen and marker.

The thing about complicated subject matter, like landscape is that there is a want to minimize the orchestration because the enormity of detail is maddening.  Too much simplification though and your vista becomes a lumpen design of lines and blobs.  A theme that has eluded me as of yet is underbrush and background noise.  And so you will find a symphony here of pen staccato chasing the light reflection off of the meer and into the rising slope of the opposite hill into the distant trees.  Looking for the thicket haze and bramble that you find so readily in the mastery of someone such as Andrew Wyeth.  And sure, he has his tricks.  Sargent his.  Turner his.  Ruskin none.  But i digress.

In today’s one drawing, i’m chasing complexity.  Noise and pattern and jitter.



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