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Copse, Spring abstractions

By April 22, 2014November 3rd, 2021Sketches

A nice bout of weather saw me in with all my gear at the meer today for a few hours.  Continuing to drill into the copse of trees on the southern shore and work on complexity and abstraction.

i’m using a combination of wash and ink work.  And in two of the pieces, just beginning to play with liquid misket. I’ve still not found the right applicant for that so it’s on a shorter leash, for effect rather than judicial application.

i’m very happy with the results.  i’m getting a level of tension in the figure ground that is working for me.  if i can continue this, then i’d really be interested to see what the next step is after this plateaus?  lots of brush work here.  the kuretake brush pen is doing light work.  i swapped a Platinum cartridge into it and found it to be much much better than the house ink that kuretake uses: less oily; and it seemed to flow through the pen better.  huh.  why did i wait so long. there’s an amusing, shaking the ink cartridge that was still full story that i’ll come back to at some point.

all three views are the same locale with different emphasis and cropping.

140421-copse 140421-copseB 140421-copseclose

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